Who are the Hudnut people?

Carl Goehner is the President of HUDNUT LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS. He infuses the company with his wealth of knowledge from over twenty years in the electronics industry with the last six in the LED lighting industry. He also has extensive experience in research and development, design, operation, process development, and holds patents on some of his work. Carl’s responsibilities include the day to day operations, research and development, manufacturing oversight, quality control, and keeping the employees motivated with a little humor.

Bruce Shaw is the Manager of HUDNUT LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS. He comes to us with over twenty years of experience designing, building, and operating energy projects with a constant emphasis on energy conservation and material reclamation. For the past five years Bruce has worked on collecting together a full range of quality LED lighting products that have both essential qualities of longevity and useful light output. Bruce is responsible for many of the daily operations at Hudnut including inside sales, project management, and office educator of all things.

Office: 503 233 8088 – Fax: 503 233 0705