Download Hudnut Screensaver

File Size: 698 KB
Publisher : Design by Nur
Hudnut Screensaver is available for free download. You may download and enjoy it.

Hudnut’s Screensaver is safe to use. There is No Spyware. It is a custom design screensaver.

If for any reason you are having difficulty using this product after installation please follow the directions for uninstalling the screen saver.

Windows 2000/98/95/NT/XP Version – Click on “Hudnut” screen saver link in the table below, save the .exe file to your hard drive, run the installation application and follow on screen instructions. After installation is complete you may remove the .exe file from your hard drive.

To Uninstall the screen saver:

Windows/NT: To remove a screen saver from your system, locate the screen saver in the “start”, “programs” section then select the “uninstall” option.

Terms of Use:
These screensavers are Freeware but not Public Domain.
You are welcome to download files from the Screen Savers page and link to these pages, but linking directly to the files, copying them to your server, copying them on CDs, or trying to make profit from them in any other form is strictly forbidden.

What is screen saver? A screen saver is a computer program originally designed to conserve the image quality of computer displays by blanking the screen or filling them with moving images or patterns when the computers are not in use. Screen savers prevent the damage that occurs when the same areas of light and dark are displayed too long.