The Advantages Of Using Hudnut Company LED Lighting

Long Life

Hudnut Company LED lighting products will provide you with light for 50 – 100,000 operating hours. LED lighting does not burn out, but will degrade very slowly over time, about 30% after 50,000 hours and 50% after 100,000 hours. The long life cycles LED lighting offer can result in a significant reduction in your lighting maintenance costs.


LEDs are very rugged and reliable. They feature no filament that can be damaged due to shock or vibration. They have an operating temperature range of –40ºF to 180ºF. Frequent cycling on and off does not damage them. You can count on LED lighting to provide the needed light every time it’s turned on.

Lights instantly

LED lights come to full light output in less than one second, and in fact respond quickly enough to be used for photography or strobe lighting.

Design Flexibility

Hudnut Company FASTLamp LED Modules can be combined in many shapes to be used in many lighting fixtures, and you can decide how much light you want from your fixture.

LED Safety

LED lighting uses about 4 Volts of DC power. LED lighting can be used for all AC and DC low voltage systems. Low voltage and current limiting circuitry provides an additional level of protection from electrical shock. All Hudnut Company LED lighting products are UL approved.

Silent operation

LED lighting does not emit any noise from a ballast or light hum.

Can be easily dimmed

LED lighting is very easy to adapt to dimmers, photocells, occupancy sensors, and motion detectors.