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Lighting For Plants, Nurseries, Greenhouses, & Landscaping enLux R-30 Flood Lamp
enLux Light Bar
Hudnut Grow Light Module
House Plants, Small Green Houses, Commercial Greenhouses, Grow Cabinets Pure red and blue colors for optimum plant growth. Low operating temperatures, Rugged ability to withstand vibration or impacts, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Use white light lamps to highlight plants.
Accent Lighting enLux R-30 Flood Lamp
enLux Light Bar
Homes, Commercial Food, Beverage, or Retail Outlets, Architectural Designers, Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, cold temperatures will not effect light performance, available in wide range of colors,
Signs Hudnut Back Lit Light Boxes Commercial Retail, Food, and Beverage, Trade Show Displays, Directional Signs, No limits on size or configuration, low temperature, thin profile, Rugged resistance to vibration or impacts
Walk Ways, Paths, Entries, Small Parking Lots enLux R-30 Flood Lamp
enLux Outdoor Area Light
Hudnut Wall Packs
Hudnut Bollards
Hudnut Bulkhead Lamps
Parks, Industry, Schools, Homes, Professional Office Rugged vandal resistant, cold temperatures do not effect light performance, little or no spill over light pollution,
Equipment Lighting Hudnut Emitter Array Fits Most Off The Shelf Fixtures
enLux Outdoor Area Light
Industry, Public Works Vibration and impact resistant, cold weather operation, indoor or outdoor use,
Track Lighting, Hall Way Lighting, Closet Lighting, Security Lighting, Deck Patio Lighting, Porch Lighting enLux R-30
enLux Light Bars
enLux Outdoor Area Light
Hudnut Emitter Array Fits Most off The Shelf Fixtures
Housing Instant On, Directed Light Output, wide range of color options,
Specialty Lighting


Hudnut Fabricated Lighting Products Architectural, Process Lighting, Light Tables, Underwater Lighting, Solid State Lighting designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.
Sustainable Lighting


Hudnut Solid State Lighting
enLux Lighting Products
Indoor or Outdoor Lighting Solid State Lighting contains no mercury, and lasts 10 – 20 times longer than other lighting products. Solid State Lighting is directional in output permitting the light to land where needed, and not broadcast onto other property or the night sky.